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2024 Events: Save the Dates & Book Now to avoid Fomo

January - Hunter's and skiing specials continued. MLK weekend for 2025 will offer a camp 2 nights, get 1 night free. 


February - Valentine's Week of Love: Book 2 nights between 2/13 and 2/20 and get 1 night free. Book now and camp with love. President's Day is the 20th.... 3 Day Weekend spells come camping with us.

Hunter's and skiing specials continue

March - Ristras Opens back up! Ristras has been traveling to events this past winter.Spring break is awesome to camp and ski! Hunter's and skiing specials continue. Chip will likely be starting back up with the Saturday night jam sessions in the pavillion. 


Important Dates: March 17th St. Patrick's Day, March 29th = Good Friday/ Julie's Birthday, March 31st Easter Sunday.... will there be an Easter Egg Hunt? Hhhhhmmmmmmm we will see .......

April 1st Annual WestSniffer Dog Show - April 26 - April 28, All dogs participating will get a pup approved award.... Milkbones and Pup Cups!


Important Dates: April 8th Full eclipse, last one was really cool at Rio. 


May - Before we get started.... Mother's Day is May 12th... remember to bring mom camping for Mother's Day! Memorial Day kicks off the Summer Fun,


Important Dates: 2nd Annual triple Clown will be Sunday May 26th at 4:30 PM of this National Holiday. 1st Up the Ken Ducky Derby. Cinco de Mayo follow the weekend of May 2nd - 4th.... We are looking at some shenanigans that weekend.... it's also May the 4th be With You! Let's all use the Jedi Mind Ztrick on some Trout! 


June - Also Memorial Day "ish"... but tons of Summer Fun will be present and accounted don't forget Father's Day June 16th dads love camping for Father's Day will totally be cooler than a new tie. 


July - The Weekend of Independence Day we will have our second leg of the Triple Clown: The Beakness! This will be on a Saturday this year as the 4th is mid Week, adjusting this event so everyone has a chance to participate. July 6th at 4:30 PM 


August - Avoid the heat and come stay with us... no need for that triple digit hibbidy pibiddy .... 3rd leg of the Triple Clown - The Fowl Mont, will be the Sunday September 1st of this weekend as well at 4:30 PM.


September - September 1st: 3rd leg of the Triple Clown - The Fowl Mont, will be Sunday at 4:30 PM.

Important Dates: 4th Annual Chili Cook Off/ Ultimate Tailgate and Cornhole Tournament 9-7-24 11:30 - 2:00, 1st annual Mayhill Madness Games: A warm up for the bigger event in Cloudcroft 9/20 - 9/22

October 4th - 6th 2nd Annual Motorcycle Camping and Fish Fry Times TBA, we are needing to be TBA on October, Ristras will be at the Pistachio Festival in Alamogordo on the 19th. 


November - 4th Annual Friendsgiving November 8th - 10th, 11:30 - 1:00 and the Swap Meet, (all weekend), has been moved to this weekend as well. We had a full crowd last year, might as well join the two. 


December - Holidays at Camp Rio are spectacular, plan a group event with us and rent out the park if you like. 

Event Planning 

We are thrilled to help you and your group coordinate your event. We have experience coordinating,church retreats and services,  weddings, vowel renewals, birthday parties, holiday events, concerts, food and beverage festivals and more. 


We would love to work with you as a business partner. Owner's Clay and Julie also own The Grapevine Gallery and have experience hosting art shows, workshops, wine tastings and more, 


The Camp at Cloudcroft has hosted many family reunions. We are happy to help coordinate and schedule family, work, team and college reunions. We have several booking options available. From primitive camping to Glamping and Cabins. Contact us to set up your memories today.  

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