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White Sands, Bluff Springs, Carlsbad Caverns, Golf, OSHA Trail,

Ruidoso,Rocketbusters, More

White Sands

From the Park, travel either scenic 82 or 130 into The Village of Cloudcroft, then down into Alamogordo into The White Sands National Park appx 45 minutes.


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Bluff Springs

From the Park, take a left on 130 and then turn left again on the road as described in the link below  appx 45 minutes. 

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Carlsbad Caverns

From the Park, take a right, head east through Mayhill and south to Carlsbad appx 2 hours. 

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Golf at The Lodge

From the Park, head up 82 into The Village of Cloudcroft, appx. 20 minutes. 

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601 Corona Pl, Cloudcroft, NM 88317