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Updated 7-3-24


The Fire Restrictions were lifted as of 2PM on 7-3-24: therefore campfires and charcoal are permitted at Camp Rio now. As always in the spirit of caution and safety, all fires need to remain in fire rings at Camp Rio at all times. We called the office of the Forest Supervisor to confirm. 

In regard to the recent various fires and High Fire Restrictions, Camp Rio is a private campground and will remain open. Should there be a forest closing, the businesses of Mayhill and Cloudcroft like us will remain open.

Our winter and spring additions/ upgrades to the park are ready for your next visit. The Personal Pavillion rental is $85 a night with full 30/50 hookups. This comes with the back in RV Site, to which your awning should open up to your own private gazebo/ pavillion. This is the newest addition to what we are now calling the cove. The Cove is the area at the south end that includes Stargazing 2-4 sites, The new RV site, 51, 52 and the new Glamping soon to be full cabin, The CTM Cabin.

CTM? Yes, Chillin the Most, as coined by our main man Kid Rock, you don’t need a Yacht with a flag that says Chillin the Most, just $99 a night reserves this new Glamping unit, (wiht Chillin the Most flags), that is climate controlled with 3 queen beds and coming in 2025 will be a hot tub and bathroom.

Everyone get ready for the 2nd annual Beakness! We had a very close race for the KenDucky Derby, we are sure this leg of the series wont disappoint either! This race will actually take place on Saturday July 6th @ 4:30, as we thought everyone will have to head home Sunday, so we thought making an adjustment would be best for everyone to be able to participate that wants to do so. 

We thank everyone once again for keeping pets on a leash while in the park, our dogs are all lovers and adorable, we just need to make sure we are all being safe and cleaning up after them. Capone, (right), thanks you too. He gives it two paws up, when everything is going as it is supposed to….

Wish us luck! We have moved to the park full time!!! All that being said, we are having an estate sale in Alamogordo July 12th - 14th, we have a ton of art, furniture, appliances, clothes, tools kitchen items and tools that will be for sale, we will have more details after the 4th.

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