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Updated 5-27-2023


Memorial Day Kicks Off The Summer

Place Your Bets! Leg 1 of the Ken "Ducky" Derby Winner wins a set of fire tongs from the Camp Store. Place and Show to have prizes as well. It is our version of the Triple Crown we call the "Triple Clown"

Leg 1 Sunday May 28th at 4:30

Leg 2 Independance Weekend TBA

Leg 3 Labor Day Weekend TBA

Ristras is now open at Camp Rio. Ristras is a plant based food trailer located by the Large Pavillion. The base recipes are all plant based/ vegan, however we do have steak, chicken and shrimp for those who want to have the meat in their dishes.  

Hours this Weekend:

Saturday Dinner 5:00-7:30ish

Sunday Lunch 11AM - 1PM Dinner 5:00-7:30ish 

Monday 9AM - Noon "Brunch" Service/ Takery







Mary Kay is the second Thursday of every month in the Pavillion, please contact Kim for details. 817-205-3012


  • Art Shows and Art Workshops to begin in 2023........

    As some may know, Julie and Clay also have The Grapevine Art Gallery, we have hosted many shows in the past, we are looking to add art shows and workshops to our line up. These should be wonderful!

    Have a group event idea? Excellent! Call us and let's schedule your group event today! 

The WIFI has been awesome! We are now at 200 megs from our old 30-50 meg strength! The best of both worlds, beautiful nature and stream wifi to help work and relax while you travel. 

Fire Tongs Chili Sauces and Salsas are now at the park office camp store

New Booking Software has been added to check real time availability and "lock in" requested sites. This feature is now live.  

Our site map has been changed soon, we have simplified our numbering system to be easier to manage. 

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